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School Principal
Anne Tonkin  
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Welcome to Leanyer Primary School


Principal’s Welcome
Welcome to Leanyer School, a preschool and primary school with more than thirty years history of developing strong community connections and a proud tradition of providing an outstanding education to its students.

The school holds a strong record in the provision of a supportive, comprehensive and challenging learning program that fosters individual excellence whilst ensuring the diverse talents of its students are recognised and developed. Leanyer School aims to continually reflect on its progress, to actively seek feedback from students, staff and parents and to continue to strive to improve the learning environment for all students.

Set in beautiful and expansive grounds and tropical gardens, the school holds an important place in the local community. This connection forms part of the identity of all Leanyer students and is the foundation of children's learning programs and the proud culture of the school. The school is dedicated to ensuring that it remains an open and welcoming place for all who engage with it.

Leanyer School holds an enviable reputation in its community, based on the strength of its achievement record and the positive word of mouth promoted by parents, staff, students and the wider community. The school aims to continue to provide an outstanding learning experience for all students, one which engages students in their learning, utilises the best resources available, holds high expectations for all who work and play in it and prepares students for a life of continued learning.

Take some time to visit our website and should you require additional information, please contact the school during office hours.

Anne Tonkin
Leanyer School


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Thursday 11 December 2014
Last School Day for 2014

Monday 19 - Thursday 22 January 2015
Office open from 9am to 3pm
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Tuesday 27 January 2015
First School Day for 2015